The Team

Our friendly team are available to assist over the telephone on 01795 661374. All staff members are knowledgeable in the art of hair extensions and can offer support when needed. Angelslocks are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm and orders can be placed from our online shop anytime.

Our Hair

Angelslocks hair is re usable long lasting double drawn and fully cuticle correct. All of our range of products are produced using the finest raw materials available. Using a slow organic colour process allows for us to offer a full range of shades without compromising the amazing quality of the hair. The texture along with the quality means that Angelslocks hair is easy to straighten but will hold a lovely bouncy curl when styled.


Our range of accredited hair extension courses are available to both qualified hairdressers plus extension technicians looking to learn new methods.

All courses include ongoing assistance so that you can feel fully supported.

A Note from our CEO…

After being a hair stylist for 10 years I then spent 16 years doing the exact same job as you. I was a hard working and passionate hair extension technician trying to provide the best quality hair extensions for my clients only to find that:

The quality of products was not consistently good

Deliveries were slow 

If there was a problem I could never call them and speak to anyone

Emails would take days to be replied to….if at all. 

It was always the annoying little things that made life difficult and I have experienced every hair extension supplier problem possible and this was the main reason why I decided to launch Angelslocks hair extensions. I understand that things should be better and that you should not have to settle for less.

The partnership that I established in the beginning with the team of experts who produce Angelslocks is now incredibly strong and their attention to detail is second to none as they continue to work hard to produce Angelslocks to our own specific requirements so our customers always have the same reassurance of product consistency.

Hundreds of amazing technicians around the UK and internationally are now using Angelslocks and so far our reputation has grown purely from word of mouth recommendation by hair technicians. 

I truly believe that once you work with Angelslocks you will be so pleased with the results as after all these products have been designed specifically for technicians exactly like you!