Unauthorised Chargebacks

All unauthorised charge backs made against Angelslocks Hair Ltd will be opposed and objected immediately. Once the charge back objection has been confirmed the person making the charge back will be responsible for all costs incurred to Angelslocks as a direct result of them making an unauthorised charge back. They will receive notification and be issued an invoice for immediate payment for costs incurred to Angelslocks plus our associated administrative charges @ £60 per hour

Any payments not made by the account holder which are subject to a charge back will be the responsibility of the account holder to fully reimburse in the event of a charge back including the full cost of the original goods, postage plus all charge back costs administration charges as set above.

Angelslocks Hair Ltd reserves the right to only offer products for sale on a business to business level and in order to set up and account and purchase goods you will be required to send a copy of your hair extension certificate or have undertaken training with Angelslocks directly.