How to care for your hair extensions.

Looking after your hair extensions is simple when you know how.

Here’s some simple aftercare advice and tips.


When you brush your hair you need to do it gently and always hold onto the top so that you don’t pull excessively on the connections at the top.

Using the correct specifically designed brush or wide-tooth comb is key.

Those brushes with tiny bobbles on the tips should always be avoided as those little devils can catch on the connections at the top and also can be rough on the hair.


Washing your hair extensions should be a fine balance as although you need to wash your hair regularly trying not to wash it too often as well can really help as heat styling can create wear and tear on the hair and because of this it may not last as long. A good balance is to try to go an extra day longer than you would if you were washing your own hair so usually every 3-4 days is just perfect.


Using products designed specifically for hair extensions is recommended as they are designed to cleanse and hydrate the hair extensions and keep them looking and feeling great.

Taking care to be gentle when washing will help to avoid knotting up the hair when shampooing. Also making sure that the conditioner does not get applied to the roots and rinsing thoroughly is essential as it’s always best not to get conditioner onto the connections of the hair extensions.

When using heat styling tools remember not to use too often. Using a heat protector spray before styling is always something that you should do and when heat styling in between washes try not to layer up too much styling products onto the hair as this can leave the hair sticky and difficult to manage if products become baked onto the hair and cause product build up. When using heat always try to keep the temperature low and never apply any heat directly onto the connections at the top of the hair extensions.

Things to avoid:

If you like to tie your hair up always avoid tight bands as these can damage the hair extensions plus can cause tension to the attachments and this can sometimes cause breakage.

Avoid using coloured styling oils on blonde hair extensions, as this can stain the hair. There are clear versions of oils designed for use on blonde hair which will avoid this.

Also try to steer clear of styling products which have alcohol or sulphates in the ingredients as these can dehydrate the hair extensions drying out the condition making them brittle and this can potentially cause damage.

Always dry your roots fully never go to sleep with wet hair extensions as the hair will become tangled and knotty plus depending upon the method this can also cause the top of the hair where the attachments are to become knotty and difficult to remove plus leaving the hair wet can also cause the coating on the attachments to peel off or the bonds on the extensions to break down.

You should always follow the aftercare given by your stylist as they will be aware of the individual aftercare care instructions specifically given for each method by the supplier of your hair extensions.

Following these aftercare tips will help your hair extensions last longer and keep them looking and feeling amazing.

Photo credit: averie woodard